Ian Farrier designed a range of fast, lightweight folding trimarans for Corsair

Marine in the late 1980s and 1990s, which are still sought-after on the

second-hand market. The hulls are robustly built, reinforced with Kevlar

and carbon fibre. The rigs comprise a 120% genoa and a large, generously

roached fully-battened mainsail, with a gennaker set on a bowsprit. Corsair

still builds tris in the USA, up to 37ft LOA, but recent models are a rarity in UK


The F-24 is a trailable weekender, which can be rigged and launched in

about 15 minutes. She is capable of blistering speeds and can easily match

the passage times of a 50ft monohull. The YM test team logged 9 knots of

boatspeed in 10 knots of wind. She acquits herself fairly well in a seaway,

but you wouldn’t want to be caught out in her in a full gale. Below decks,

space is very limited: with less than 3ft headroom, living aboard is more akin

to camping than cruising. She can theoretically sleep four, but two is more

realistic. There’s space for a portable toilet and a single-burner stove.

LoA 7.37m (24ft 2in) LWL 7.18m (23ft 7in) beam 5.46m (17ft 11in); folded 2.47m (8ft 2in)

Draught 0.3m to 1.4m (1ft to 4ft 8in) Displacement 816.5kg (1,800lb)

YM test report October 1992