Etap 37

This yacht won the YM test team’s approval
as a very well thought-out offshore cruiser,
impressing equally with her handling, deck
layout, seamanlike accommodation and
engineering. The hull is a fairly typical modern
cruising form below the waterline, with
high, straight-sided topsides capped with an
almost fl ush foredeck and a pilothouse with
forward-facing windows rising up behind the
mast. Maximum beam is close to midships,
the bows are full and there is a decent amount
of immersed forefoot. The stern sections are
fi ne, giving the hull a form that looks balanced
and should remain so at a considerable angle
of heel. The saloon is a great improvement on
the earlier Etap 38, and features an excellent
galley with the sink and a high-fi ddled worktop
on the yacht’s centerline. The chart table is an
unusual shape but works well – it can be used
either seated, facing forward, or standing, facing
outboard. The saloon table seats six and she has
double cabins fore and aft.

LOA 11m (36ft 2in) LWL 9.9m (32ft 5in) Beam 3.82m (12ft 5in)
Draught 1.95m (6ft 4in) Displacement 6,350kg (13,970lb)
YM test report September 2002