Etap 23

Jac de Ridder redesigned the 221 and was solely responsible for the 23,
which appeared in the early 1980s. She sports all the usual Etap hallmarks,
including the bulbed lifting keel, but her accommodation is far superior to
that of the only slightly smaller 22i. Weighing 1.5 tons, she is on the limits for
regular trailer-sailing and is really a proper little coastal cruiser. She has four
berths, a galley tucked behind the keel box, a useful chart table and a heads
under the fore-bunks. Stowage is not plentiful. The 23i, launched in the late
1980s, is very similar but commands a slightly higher second-hand price.
A new 23 with a different hull was introduced in the mid-1990s.

LoA 8.6m (28ft 2in) LWL 7.3m (23ft 10in) beam 3.12m (10ft 3in) Draught 1.6m (5ft 3in)
Displacement 2,600kg (5,732lb) YM test report February 1989