Endurance 35

The ketch-rigged Endurance 35 has the typical hallmarks of

the range: fl ush deck with doghouse, boomed staysail and,

on some boats, a stub bowsprit. The hull is long-keeled and

full-bodied, allowing plenty of internal volume. She has a

wood or glassfi bre doghouse, which provides full headroom

in the after part of the saloon but the deckhead is low further

forward. The standard arrangement offered six to seven berths

in three cabins with a good galley and a large navigation area.

She is not particularly close-winded and needs a good

breeze to get going, but handles well and can plough on

through weather that would send fl imsier craft scurrying

for the nearest bolt-hole.

LOA 11.9m (39ft) LWL 10.8m (35ft 4in) Beam 3.4m (11ft) Draught 1.6m

(5ft 4in) Displacement 10,500kg (23,153lb) YM test report March 1971