Ebbtide 33

This is the smaller of a
pair of bulletproof deep
bodied, long-keeled heavy
displacement cruising
designs from Alan Pape.
Most were built in the early
1980s by Oceancraft but
new Ebbtide 33s are still
launched sporadically to
this day by a number of
small yards that specialise
in one-off builds. Her
larger sister is the Ebbtide
36. Multi-chine steel
is the usual method of
construction, but plywood
versions have also been
launched. High topsides
and a flush deck give her
a purposeful, blue-water
look, and it is long distance cruising to which she best suited. There are four
berths, a good galley, and a cosy, well-appointed saloon. The low-aspect rig
is easy to handle and tough, giving steady, well-balanced performance.

LoA 10.06m (33ft) LWL 8.00m (26ft 3m) beam 3.10m (10ft 2in) Draught 1.57m (5ft 2in)
Displacement 8,200kg (18,081lb) YM test report August1981