Drascombe Drifter

Following a modest success with

the Coaster, Drascombe launched

a purpose-built pocket cruiser

for two, the Drifter, in 1982. She

retained the hallmark gunter

yawl rig but had a full-length,

shoal-draught keel and an inboard

engine. The accommodation

was much more spacious than

the Coaster, but the cockpit was

smaller and she was signifi cantly

heavier for trailing. Production

ceased in 1986 but has since been

revived by Churchouse Boats, which commissioned Paul Fisher to revise

John Watkinson’s original design. Churchouse’s Drifters are much more

lavishly equipped than their predecessors and sell for about £30,000.


LOA 6.55m (21ft 6in) LWL 5.59m (18ft 4in) Beam 2.21m (7ft 3in) Draught 0.61m (2ft)

Displacement 1,020kg (2,240lb) Class association www.drascombe-association.org.uk

*price quoted for pre-1986 boats