John Ridgway endured a 327-day voyage to help save the albatross...


  • Birdman of the Southern Ocean
    John Ridgway endured a 327-day voyage to help save the albatross from extinction
  • The wandering minstrels
    Dick Durham brings home his new Contessa 32 from the Solent to the East Coast
  • Buyer beware
    Ken Munn looks for the real meaning behind boat show sales-speak
  • Destinations: Southampton
    A bustling port, a thriving city and great place to spend a night or two

  • PLUS: free pull out chart
  • The social spice of sailing life
    Toby Hodges joins the YM Rally Portugal as they head south for the summer
  • Well-heeled and stable
    Understanding the science of stability allows you to make an informed choice when choosing for cruising, says Nigel Calder
  • Seeking sanctuary
    Ken Endean continues his Sail Like a Local series by exploring Les Écrehou and the Plateau des Minquiers, a short hop from Jersey
  • Blue Water Letter
    Crabs, turtles and the occasional yachtsman are almost the only visitors to the tiny South Pacific island of Suwarrow, says Colin Lowe
  • Survey! Survey! Survey!
    The pros and cons of buying a boat and chartering it out to help pay for the running costs

On Test

  • Beneteau?s new look
    We sail the 323 and 373 to see if substance wins out over style
  • It?s show time
    Southampton Boat Show Preview
  • New boats at Southampton
    James Jermain on the latest designs
  • New show gear
    What to look for at Southampton
  • Electronic instruments: Digitally mastered
    Buyer?s guide to wind, depth and speed instrumentation
  • PLUS: the future of transducers
  • Buyer?s guide
    The pick of YM?s recent equipment tests

Sailing skills

  • A question of seamanship
    Calculating air draught
  • How your outboard could save your skin
    Andrew ?Oz? Bray on using tenders to tow
  • Learning Curve: Bailed out
    Buckets, ingenuity and fellow yachtsmen save the day when an elderly Westerly starts to take on water en route to the Canaries.
  • Cunliffe on cruising
    We can learn a lot from mariners of old, says Tom Cunliffe
  • Chartwork
    Nigel Calder explains that updating charts has never been easier
  • Radar class
    Collision avoidance is just one use for radar, explains James Jermain
  • Any Questions
    Should you be asking the Coastguard for a radio check?

Every Month

  • Editorial
    View from the helm
  • Opening shot
    A picture says a thousand words?
  • On watch
    Windfarms and rogue waves
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    Order a back issue or a copy of an article
  • Competitions
    Win an inverter worth £1,000
  • Readers? letters
    Are safety aids a help or a hindrance?
  • Libby Purves: This cruising life
    Don?t pity the gypsy sailor, envy him
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    First-time Atlantic, training CDs on test
  • Around the coast
    News from our team of local correspondents
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    Cruisers clear their consciences