Inside the current issue

Mad cowes
Bruises, bumps and rolls: all in a day’s work during Cowes Week
Landfalls: Hull & the RIVER Humber
The third biggest port in England has plenty to offer cruising folk
La Paz waltz
Rich Malone performs the tango in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez
First time across
YM photographer Graham Snook joins the RYA Channel Cruise
The gospel of the east
Celebrating 50 years of Jack Coote’s East Coast Rivers
Blue Water Letter: Andy o’Grady
Norway’s fjords provide some peculiar weather patterns
When will you sail your dream?
Sign up for the next Blue Water Rally
from cardboard box to catboat
Yacht designer Alan Hill on the boat he fell in love with for her looks
Has the sextant become redundant, wonders Dick Durham?
Riders on the storm
Chris Bray experiences 50-knot winds on board Gipsy Moth IV off the New South Wales coast – and loves it!
No lingering on the loire
Ken Endean heads inland to explore the French interior
Club cruising: kent and sussex
Round North Foreland to Kent and Sussex, you’ll be glad of a welcoming yacht club

Boats and gear

Win £3,000 of simrad kit enter our fantastic competition
LEGEND competition winner
Who has won the YM Legend 27?

The best gear ever?
Is your favourite here?
New boat test: Regina 35
Sweden’s best kept secret exposed
Wonder down under
Andy O’Grady marvels at his new Kiwi feathering propeller
Southampton preview
More boats and gear you should be on the lookout for at Southampton

Sailing skills

Getting to grips with GPS
Tom Cunliffe on how to get the most out of that little black box
In the blink of an eye
An accident on board threatens a Biscay passage
Skipper’s tips
Datum shift, blood on the decks and checking your rig
Question of seamanship
First time drying out with legs – what can go wrong?
Any questions
Who has right of way: a yacht under sail or a rowing boat?
PCs on board
Computers provide a real alternative to chartplotters