Crunch time for the chart makers...


  • Crunch time for the chart makers
    With GPS giving us extremely accurate positions, can we trust charts from 19th century surveys with soundings taken by lead-line? Nigel Calder investigates

  • The spice boys
    Dick Durham and friend Pete Willetts get their first taste of the Caribbean aboard the bareboat sloop Goliath. From cloves and cinnamon to coconuts and coral, the East Coast lads discover the charms of the spice island, Grenada

  • The art of course sailing
    Jan Leonard spends a stormy week learning the ropes on a Solent sailing course. Will she (and, more importantly, her hair) survive the experience?

  • Rally on the run
    Mike Kopman rejoins YM?s Rally Portugal to catch up with the fleet for its final coastal hops, from Lisbon to Lagos

  • Autopilots
    In the first of a two-part special on self- steering systems, Mike Kopman looks at electronic autopilots, how to install them and how to troubleshoot problems Next month: windvanes

  • Astro navigation
    Can you learn astro navigation in three days? Paul Gelder sets off across the Bay of Biscay, guided by the sun and the stars

  • Destinations: the River Medway, Chatham and Rochester
    Dick Durham discovers chequered naval history, brand-new marinas and quiet creeks along this bustling Kentish river

  • French island hopping ? part 6
    Ken Endean discovers that Ile de Ré, despite being joined to the mainland by bridge, retains its unique island character

  • Following in Iskra?s wake
    Inspired by writer-sailor Frank Mulville?s adventures in Buenos Aires, Thies Matzen follows in his friend?s watersteps on board Wanderer III

  • Stability part 4
    The significance of buoyancy and downflooding are explained by expert Andrew Blyth

Sailing Skills

  • A Question of Seamanship
    Shelter from the storm

  • Learning Curve
    Nigel Calder hits a granite ledge sailing a friend?s yacht

  • Yachtmaster Class
  • Better Boat Handling
    Simon Jinks on how to approach a MOB under sail

  • Sailing quiz

  • Sea Sense
    Practical stowage

  • Knots
    Geoffrey Budworth demonstrates a sling for bottles, jugs and jars

On Test

  • Gear on test
    Two different sets of high-tech foulies, some waterproof binoculars and a Swedish UNI-plotter get put under the YM spotlight

  • Malö 41
    This elegant cruiser, built in Sweden , is put through her paces by James Jermain in fair weather and foul

  • Dragonfly 1200
    A trimaran with extending wings that make her more marina- friendly sounds promising. James Jermain discovers whether comfort and capability have been compromised

  • Feeling 326
    Simon Jinks on a fast, roomy second-hand coastal cruiser

Every Month

  • Editorial
  • On Watch
    The latest sailing news, including SOLAS regs and RCD checks

  • Readers? letters

  • Any Questions?
  • YM subscriptions

  • Next month and YM books
  • Libby Purves
    Let sleeping logs lie

  • Blue Water Letter
    Rod Heikell?s seven tenths undergoes urgent repairs and gets re-decked in Turkey

  • Blue Water Postscript
  • New gear
  • A-Z of second-hand boats
  • Around the Coast
  • Property
  • The Confessional