• Victory for Essex Man
    Cruising man Dick Durham joins his countymen and women aboard the 12 Metre Victory for a place in the Americaís Cup Jubilee.

  • Cruising to Ireland
    Adrian Morgan sails to Emerald Isle where, among other things, they discover a bar which sells charts as well as Guinness!

  • The lost art of heaving-to
    Simon Jinks explains the finer points of heaving-to, a skill that enables you to stop underway to ride out heavy weather or just have a cup of tea.

  • Bumbling to Bembridge
    A family sailing weekend with two daughters, a neurotic dog, foul tide, and peverse wind reveals hidden depths for Miranda Delmar-Morgan

  • Secure for Sea
    Nigel Calder puts all things under lock and key on board hanging loose they can become deadly missiles.

  • Charm has a ball
    Martin Thomas was at the Portsmouth Festival of the Sea in his classic Fife, Charm of Rhu. Read his participantís eye-view of the maritime spectacle

  • Destinations with free pull-out chart
    Morbihan is a fascinating inland sea, dotted with islands and anchorages and rich in Breton charm.

  • Dark Encounter
    A ëmaritime Ramboí gives Alastair Buchan a scare during a rough night near Cuba.

  • Could you sail blind?
    Dick Durham blindfolded himself with a galley tea-towel to discover the problems faced by the increasing number of blind people who go cruising

  • Shadowfax in the Arabian Gulf
    Our gallant duo continue their cruise from Hong Kong to London in part five from Yemen into the Red Sea.

  • Azores Graffiti
    Yachts from all over the world get to leave their calling card in paint on the harbour wall of Horta. Annie Hill leaves hers too.

  • Southampton Show Review
    All the latest on new gear, boats and equipment from the YM team at the 33rd Southampton Boat Show

On Test

  • Grand Soleil 43
    James Jermain makes a wake in the Medway with a boat from the Med.

  • Invicta 26
    This sea-kindly boat still cuts a dash with pretty lines, as Simon Jinks discovers

  • A-Z Second-hand boats all about Dehlers well-built, innovative cruisers from Germany plus cruising Drascombes


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