Win a place in an historic sail past...


  • Parade your yacht before the Queen
    Win a place in an historic sail past

    Results and analysis of YM?s online survey of readers

  • Fire and Ice
    An Arctic cruise ends in an inferno for skipper Bob Shepton

  • Gipsy Moth IV special
    From rot to revival ? the story so far

  • Landfalls: Audierne
    A haven on Britanny?s austere Atlantic coast
    PLUS free waypoint chart

  • Wrecks appeal
    Finding a bargain in the wake of Hurricane Ivan

  • Where dragons and serpents lie
    David Pugh takes a charter in the Orkneys

  • Rollers, rips and races
    Dealing with overfalls and tidal races

  • Blue Water Letter
    Niki Perryman ties the knot


  • New boat test: Bavaria 42
    A new look down below for Bavaria
  • Your money or your life?
    Budget liferafts on test
  • New Gear
    The latest equipment PLUS gear tests

  • Saloon with a view
    Step-by-step guide to replacing windows

  • What to spend on sails?
    Should you splash out on hi-tech sails?


  • Chuting the breeze
    Tom Cunliffe shows you how to make the most of cruising chutes

    Your chance to win a Crusader Sails cruising chute worth up to £1,000
  • Don?t go overboard
    Evans Starzinger is stuck at the masthead as his wife almost goes over the side
  • Ropework
    How to splice rope to chain
  • Question of seamanship
    What to do when the GPS goes down
  • Learning Curve: Afraid of the dark
    Lessons learnt from a close shave in the North Sea
  • Skipper?s tips
    Collision avoidance, seasickness and sail hoisting
  • Any Questions
    Going blue water, corrosion and liferaft servicing


  • Editor’s Log
    The view from the helm
  • Opening shot
    Exploring a secluded anchorage in Belle-Île-en-Mer, South Brittany
  • News
    Grey imports warning
  • Readers? letters
    Flares and flaming luck
  • This Cruising Life
    Libby Purves leaps to Ellen?s defence
  • Cunliffe on Cruising
    Tom Cunliffe almost has a run in with a reef
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  • Next month
    Sneak preview of what?s over the horizon
  • Around the coast
    What?s been happening in your home waters?
  • Confessional
    Be absolved of your sailing sins