Southern crossing- The notorious Bass Strait lives up to its reputation as Jack Gush...


  • Southern crossing
    The notorious Bass Strait lives up to its reputation as Jack Gush and a makeshift crew run for safety to their home port in Hobart, Tasmania

  • The write stuff
    Dick Durham peruses the winning entries in the YM/RYA Log Competition 2003

  • The rocks are your friends
    The second part of Ken Endean’s ‘Sail like a local’ series on advanced pilotage

  • Women and water: can they ever mix?
    Susie Wilde compiles a skipper’s guide to keeping a female crew from mutiny

  • Destinations: L’Aberwrac’h
    Peter Cumberlidge is enchanted by the timeless atmosphere of this Breton port
    PLUS: Your free pull-out chart

  • Survey Survey Survey
    Paul Jeffes helps a retired widower search for a blue water cruiser. Will a 25-year-old Oyster 39 win the day?

  • Silence was golden
    In YM’s occassional Landfalls series, Pete Willetts recounts how his engineless cutter Almita ghosted out of Nieuwpoort in Belgium en route to Leigh-on-Sea

  • Drama of the dream boat
    The three-year-old Bénéteau Océanis 400 was the stuff of Paul Tutt’s dreams… but she was also an ex-charter boat with a troubled history

On Test

  • Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43
    The quality of this practical all-round cruiser suggests that issues with Jeanneau’s build quality appear to be in the past, says James Jermain

  • Chart plotters
    Toby Hodges puts four of the newest generation of hand-held colour chartplotters to the test

  • New gear
    Cameras, batteries and fashionable foulies come under the YM microscope

  • New boats
    YM previews three of the latest boats

  • Buyers’ guide
    The best equipment that YM has tried and tested in recent months

Sailing skills

  • A question of seamanship
    Don and Joan have a quandary finding a berth at St Vaast’s narrow pontoons

  • Heavy weather
    Part one of this in-depth series looks at coping with summer gales, squalls and storm jibs

  • A rough ride to Iceland
    Barry and Sue Fuller experience their first storm at sea in their Victory 40 and test a series drogue

  • Chartwork
    A complete guide to chartwork begins this month with Mercator and gnomonic chart projections

  • Cunliffe on cruising
    Reducing friction on board makes for a happy crew, says Tom Cunliffe

  • Radar class
    The first of a new series on using radar

  • Any questions?
    YM’s experts answer your queries

  • Sailing quiz
    Five teasers to test your knowledge

Every Month

  • Editorial
    View from the helm

  • Opening shot
    Slipping through Loch Maaruig in the Outer Hebrides, by Jean Lawrence

  • On watch
    All the news, including a shortage of berths and cruisers attacked at knife-point

  • Readers’ letters
    The optimum sailing rig, a case for flare guns and the row over lifejacket ruling

  • YM subscriptions
    Save up to 30% each month

  • Next month
    Sneak preview of next month’s YM

  • This cruising life
    Libby Purves lets fly about the poor state of nautical crockery

  • Blue Water Letter
    Niki Perryman succumbs to her beachcombing habit in Tonga’s Ha’apai islands

  • A-Z of second-hand boats
    The continuation of the Westerlys, including the Corsair, Falcon, Konsort and Jouster

  • Around the coast
    Local news round-up from our coastal correspondents nationwide

  • Confessional
    Forgive me Father, for I have sailed