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Cover story: Cruise scotland
Charters, anchorages, Miles of magic sailing
Imagine a cruising ground universally considered to be one of
the finest, most beautiful in the world – and having it to yourself

Waiting for the Wind
Let the weather, not deadlines, dictate your destinations
– even a dead calm has its charms, reports Susan Payne

From sea to summit
The spirit of Bill Tilman inspires Ken Endean to climb a
‘mountain’ at the start of a cruise to sunny South Brittany

Shoal waters runs deep
70,000 miles of creek crawling in a 16ft gaffer amounts to more than two circumnavigations for Charles Stock

Sailing skills
Expert on board: weather to go to sea
In a changing world of communications, Tom Cunliffe looks at
practical ways to find weather information aboard your boat

Cover story: Rescued twice in six days!
Jury-rigged engine power
Steven Rippole describes how engine failure turned him into a ‘Mr
Fix-it’ during a cross-Channel summer cruise

A question of seamanship
A tight tidal berth with no engine, plus sailing skills library

Skipper’s tips
The merit of string, duff leads, compensating for leeway…

Any questions?
Sadler yachts, wind generators, boiling batteries, and more

Boats and gear
New boat test
With Bénéteau predicting a sales slump of up to 40 per cent the
new Océanis 34 has to succeed, reports Chris Beeson

Used boat test
It is more than four decade since the Albin Vega was launched –
what makes this quirky design so enduring?

A-Z of second-hand boats
Endurance through to Etap

New gear
Dual-channel AIS, lifejacket arming kits, locator beacons…

Cover story: Tried & tested
Equipment trials
Copper anti-foul, boat-car satnav, sailing boots

Cover story: Which propeller?
The ultimate test
In the most comprehensive test ever published, Emrhys Barrell
compares 15 props for speed, drag, thrust, price and more

Editor’s Log
Sailing in Scotland

Opening shot
Bahamian regatta

Small Ships Register sells its data

Readers’ letters
Your views and opinions

Libby Purves
Weather it’s better not to know

Cunliffe on Cruising
Do I really need this?

Nigel Calder
Mr Fix-it or Mr Frustration?

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Around the coast
Helford River Sailing Club celebrates 50th anniversary

The Confessional
Yachtsmen confess their sailing sins