YM's Paul Gelder goes for a daysail to Falmouth with Tony Bullimore on his 102ft catamaran


  • Shanghaied to Lisbon

    YM’s Paul Gelder goes for a daysail to Falmouth with Tony Bullimore on his 102ft catamaran and steps ashore five days and 1,200 miles later – in Lisbon

  • The Big Antifouling Test

    We put ten eroding antifouling paints to the test. The results were surprising

  • Adrift in Vanuatu

    In a lava! Jenni Griffiths and the crew of Blue Shadow of Mauritius find themselves adrift at the foot of an active South Pacific volcano

  • One couple

    and their boat Small is beautiful for Brian and Helen who live aboard their 28ft Bruce Roberts Slocum Spray

  • A-Z of second-hand

    boats The first part of our essential guide to popular second-hand cruisers

  • Port Diélette

    Peter Cumberlidge heads for the snug harbour of Dielette, a village on the Cherbourg peninsula at the gateway to the Channel Islands

  • Where to find weather

    Miles Kendall investigates new ways to find a weather forecast – from the internet to mobile phones and Navtex

  • St Kilda for the day

    Armed with a live-aboard chef, whiskey and wine, Brian Black and his crew sail to the remote Scottish islands

  • Boat Show review

    The YM team look at the latest technological developments and nautical innovations on display at Earls Court Boat Show

  • Buyers’ Guide

    James Jermain looks at shoal-draught keel arrangements

  • East meets West

    David Jefferson discovers a water wonderland hidden behind the Iron Curtain for over 40 years when he visits East Germany for a Great Lakes charter

On test

  • Franchini 37L

    Peter Nielsen sails the smallest in a line of Italian deck saloon yachts

  • Roanna

    An eye-catching 38ft lugsail schooner from the board of Nigel Irens

  • Gib’Sea 43

    Dominic Byers finds her big, brash and very roomy


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  • Question of seamanship

    Engine failure woes
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    Salvage in the Bermuda Triangle. Glyn Williams finds a ‘ghost ship’
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    A case of mistaken identity

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    When the GPS falls overboard
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    Part 4: The art of perfect parking
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    Staying cool in a rescue at sea drama
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