Win M.O.B. alert worth £1,300...

Cover stories

  • Win M.O.B. alert worth £1,300
    Plus: Harken deck gear worth £1,000

  • Find magical delights in Normandy
    West side story: The west side of the Cherbourg peninsula boasts stunning anchorages and delightful harbours, says David Jefferson

  • Exclusive test
    New boat test with Jame Jermain: The Dufour 385 may be spacious but she?s no slouch

  • 12 Children?s lifejackets tested
    Junior lifesavers: Our young testers take to the water to see which lifejacket performs best

  • West Country wonders Penzance and Newlyn:
    Destinations: Miles Kendall gives you the lowdown on these two fishing spots which welcome yachtsmen
    Free chart & guide

  • Getting back to a man overboard
    MOB recovery drills: Simon Jinks shows how to make the crucial final approach to a MOB

  • Yachtmaster at last!
    Slow track to success: Dick Durham tries for his ticket having sailed for 40 years

  • Rediscover France
    Rocks that move:
    Ken Endean continues his Sail Like a Local series with a look at Ile Grande and Trébeurden ? where the charts don?t always tell the whole story


  • Nigel Calder?s new series
    What?s your ideal boat?

  • Find magical delights in Normandy
    West side story

  • A letter from Paul to the Corinthians
    Paul Heiney welcomes the chance to race across the Atlantic the old fashioned way in the 2005 solo Transat

  • Folkboat to France
    Philip Crockatt discovers uncharted territory on his first solo Channel crossing to Calais in a restored Folkboat

  • West Country wonders Destinations:
    Penzance & Newlyn

    PLUS: Your free pull-out chart

  • Rediscover France
    Rocks that move

  • Blue Water Letter
    Rod Heikell sets sail for Dominica

  • Bells ring the changes
    Survey! Survey! Survey!:
    Colin Bell looks for a boat for his retirement, to cruise France and the Med

On Test

  • Exclusive new boat test
    Dufour 385

  • 12 children?s lifejackets
    Junior lifesavers

  • New gear
    A new type of radar and much more

Sailing skills

  • A question of seamanship
    Seeking safety in the fog

  • Getting back to a MOB
    MOB recovery

  • Yachtmaster at last!
    Learning Curve

  • Cunliffe on cruising
    Even the best-laid buoys can move

  • Chartwork: vertical datums
    Nigel Calder charts the depths

  • Radar class
    Fine tuning your radar display

  • Heavy weather
    What to do if you are caught out

  • Any questions?
    Cracked keels, prop noise and compasses

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    Norway?s stunning Osterfjord

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