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Cover story: Cruising Ireland
Magic cruising in the Emerald Isle
Norman Keane on the delights of sailing the uncrowded waters of

Flushed with success
Vyv Cox explains how to keep your sea-toilet smelling sweet

Cover story: Far horizons
The river that sailors forgot
You won’t find marinas in The Gambia, writes Susan Payne, but
you will find friendly natives, hippos, monkeys and crocodiles

Cover story: Far horizons
Thrilling tides and quiet corners
Ken Endean has a thrilling ride on the tide through Brittany’s
Gulf of Morbihan and explores the isles of Quiberon Bay

A Race too far
Fresh revelations about the first solo, round-the-world race, 40
years on, in our exclusive excerpt from Chris Eakin’s new book

Past your sail-by date?
The venerable Mike Peyton attempts to teach old sea-dogs a few new tricks

Learning to love seaweed
YM’s galley gourmet explains how a menace can become a meal

Sailing skills
Expert on board: Shoot the sun
Tom Cunliffe dusts off his sextant and argues that it is still
important to be able to find your position without GPS

Skipper’s tips
Painting boot tops, MARPA modes, cost-free chafe solutions
and position lines and GPS

A question of seamanship
What happens when restaurant bookings dictate the skipper’s
passage plan? PLUS Sailing skills library

Cover story: Sailing skills
Learning curve
When solo sailor Peter Willetts collapsed at sea, it was the red
button on his DSC VHF radio that saved his life

Cover story: Sailing skills
Any questions?
Storm jibs, fuel theft, the right oil, mooring strops, and more…

Boats and gear
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 30i
Has Jeanneau’s new baby got what it takes to beat the exchange rate? Chris Beeson steps aboard to find out

Cover story: Second-hand Boat test
Hustler 30
This old racer turned out to be a popular cruiser, thanks to her
good manners in heavy weather. We tested her in a gale

A-Z of second-hand boats
From Feeling to Fisher, via Finesse and Finnsailer

Cover story: Group gear test
Chris Beeson, with help from the RNLI, put 12 lifejackets
through their paces, and offers some life-saving tips

Cover story: Gear galore
Hand-held and fixed VHF radios, luminous tape, iPhone navigation,
fishfinding plotters, upgradeable AIS, and more…

Editor’s log
The view from the helm

Opening shot
Old Grimsby Sound, Scilly

Atlantic knockdown rescue

Readers’ letters
Your views and opinions

Libby Purves
Confessions of a craic addict

Cunliffe on Cruising
Selling your boat

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Nigel Calder
Bigger boats, aching bodies

Around the coast
OSTAR entries; Ireland gains a new island; Scotland gets a new

The Confessional
Yachtsmen confess their sailing sins