This month

Cover story: ‘Our greatest adventure’
Arctic to Antarctica
Kirstin Jones and Gary Hancock describe their extraordinary nine-month, 14,000-mile ocean odyssey

Digital girl sails with analogue man
Dick Durham goes sailing with a teenage spokeswoman for the ‘Facebook generation’ who won’t reveal her real name…

Crossing in company
When you set off into the watery wastes of the broad, blue Atlantic, you’re on your own… or are you? Chris Beeson finds out how the ARC ocean rally fleet keeps in touch

French showers
Miranda Delmar-Morgan on the delights of Gallic marina douches

Blue Water Letter
Rod and Lu Heikell enjoy the fleshpots of Tahitii and marvel at the landscape of Moorea, where South Pacific was filmed

Welsh treat
Ken Endean explores hidden havens amid sublime scenery off the beaten track in North Wales

7 Greek islands, 2 boats and a Turkish wedding
Caroline Stevens charters a comfortable catamaran in Turkey to cruise the Dodecanese Islands with her family

Sailing skills
Cover story: Expert on board
Get ahead going astern
Different yachts demand different tactics. Here’s how to avoid embarrassment next time you’re helming an unfamiliar boat

Skipper’s Tips
The wisdom of extra waypoints, the wonder of vinegar, and more

A question of seamanship
Would you bed down in a crowded anchorage on a turning tide?

Learning Curve
Find out how a Bavaria 38 coped with a violent Biscay storm

Any questions?
Does cold air make a yacht heel over more than warm air?

Boats and gear
Cover story: What Moody did next
New boat test
Her big sister may be bold and brash, but the Classic 41 aims to seduce those with more catholic tastes. Read our exclusive test to find out how she sails…

Second-hand boat test
She’s held to be the definitive pocket ocean rover, but does the Vancouver 32 make a good weekend cruiser, too?

Cover story: Group gear test
Oilskins – state-of-the-art vs supermarket
How do Aldi’s £69 credit crunch oilies compare with top-of-the-range gear from Musto and Gill?

New gear
Climate-control jackets, electric engines and a unique lifting keel: Ben Meakins investigates innovations for 2009

A-Z of second-hand boats
The last of the Dehlers, zippy Dragonfly trimarans, sturdy Dockrells, Drascombe dayboats, and more

Editor’s Log
The view from the helm

Opening Shot
Up close with humpback whales

Is this Britain’s oldest GRP yacht?

Readers’ letters
Your views and opinions

Libby Purves
Body of charts

Cunliffe on Cruising
A sea cure for young offenders

Nigel Calder
Watermaker wizardry

Guide to articles and tests from YM over the past 12 months

Around the coast
Huge horses’ heads in Scotland and the rest of your local news

The Confessional
Yachtsmen confess their sailing sins