The patter of tiny deck shoes: Simon Crofts learnt how to keep his two small children happy...

Cover stories

  • Family sailing special
  • Only my kids for crew
    The patter of tiny deck shoes: Simon Crofts learnt how to keep his two small children happy on a Baltic cruise

  • 15,000 miles with a baby
    Baby came too: Vanessa Bird meets a couple who sailed from Australia to the UK miles with a baby

  • Yachtsman, explorer and dad
    Sir Peter Blake: Exclusive interview with Pippa Blake

  • Cruising with teenagers
    Bargaining our way to Brittany: Miranda Delmar-Morgan resorts to horse trading to keep quell a teenage mutiny


  • Night & day
    Two-day boat test: Did the new Legend 33 stand out from the crowd during our two-day test?

  • Lifesaving gear on test:
    what worked, what failed? Can you trust your lifesavers? Discover which MOB gear failed our on-the-water tests

  • Tides
    Cunliffe on cruising: Tom learns to keep an eye on the calendar

  • Chartwork
    Going to the source: Nigel Calder discusses source diagrams

  • Radar
    Interpreting the signal: James Jermain on reading the screen

  • Expert advice: shorepower
    Shocks in store: Practical advice on how to plug in safely


  • The patter of tiny deck shoes
  • Baby came too
  • The family man
  • Bargaining our way to Brittany
  • Destinations: The Orkneys

  • PLUS: Your free pull-out chart
    Mike Balmforth shares the treasures of this stunning Scottish cruising ground

  • 100 at 59 in a 3.2 with a 15
    Rich Malone makes an epic voyage in his tender among Alaskan glaciers

    Buying by numbers
    Nigel Calder explains how crunching the numbers can tell you a great deal about a yacht’s performance

  • Shorepower
    Shocks in store

  • Chasing the dream
    Toby Hodges watches the Rally Portugal fleet sail south for the summer

    Just swell
    Ken Endean tells you how to ride the waves and still stay calm in Brittany

On Test

  • Legend 33
  • Lifesaving gear on test
    Man overboard

  • New gear
    The pick of the latest sailing equipment

  • The mover from Vancouver
    The Vancouver 27is a go-anywhere gem, says James Jermain

Sailing skills

  • A question of seamanship
    No engine, little wind and a lee shore – what would you do next?

  • Learning Curve
    How one skipper coped with a medical emergency mid-Atlantic

  • Cunliffe on cruising
    Every harbour and every day present new delights and challenges for Tom Cunliffe

  • Chartwork: vertical datums
    Nigel Calder on source diagrams

  • Radar class
    What radar can – and can’t – do

  • Any questions?
    Your cruising queries answered

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    Two feet good, 36 feet even better, says Libby Purves

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  • Bluewater letter
    Nikki Perryman discovers the delights of silent sculling in New Zealand

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  • Confessional
    Forgive me Father, for I have sailed