• New generation
    handheld GPS What?s the best budget buy? The best value for money and the top performing handheld GPS? Simon Jinks puts 10 sets from £100-£350 to the test

  • First time across the Channel
    On John?s first Channel crossing he took Mike Andrews to give him a practical lesson in GPS use

  • Sixteen ways to keep your lover
    Love me love my boat… Lin and Larry Pardey, a cruising couple whose enduring partnership is legendary, offer advice on how to introduce your partner to sailing

  • Turkish family charter
    Martin Thomas describes how 10 adults and 22 teenagers rediscovered family holidays

  • Totally Brilliant
    Tom Cunliffe signs on aboard the classic 71-year-old Olin Stephens- designed schooner Brilliant for an exhilarating down-Channel run to Kinsale, Ireland

  • Cherbourg?scountry cousin
    Ken Endean reveals a ?secret? anchorage between Cherbourg and Cap de la Hague, Port Racine

  • Destinations
    Dick Durham visits Portsmouth Harbour, leading the way with its imaginative waterfront development and home for this year?s Festival of the Sea

  • Magical Thailand
    In part two of the adventures of Shadowfax, a 33ft long-keeled cruiser en route from Hong Kong to London, the crew arrive in Thailand to discover sea snakes, magic lagoons, The Beach and a mystery rash

  • Bavaria-the inside story
    Peter Nielsen visits Germany?s land-locked prolific boat-builder

On Test

  • Hanse 311
    James Jermain finds this sporty German import hard to beat for value for money

  • Second-hand boat test
    Simon Jinks sails the Sun Shine 36, an early cruiser-racer from Jeanneau, and comes away with a smile on his face

  • A-Z of second-hand boats
    Our essential monthly cut-out- and-keep series. ?C? continues with Catalinas and Contessas.


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