A heroine's tale…


  • A heroine’s tale?

    Fastest, youngest? sailing’s new record-breaking heroine, Ellen MacArthur

  • Running the gauntlet

    Nic Compton falls in love with a 12-ton classic, buys her and sails her home from Portugal – with hull leaks, threatened crew ‘mutiny’ and gales

  • Fitting out special

    Are you a DIY’er? Martin Thomas finds ‘Another job for the yard!’

  • Current affairs – John Payne’s

    checklist for your boat’s electrics and electronics

  • Immovable objects – Ken

    Textor tackles stubborn bolts and seized fastenings

  • Waterworks – Dominic Byers on keeping the water in your freshwater tanks sweet

  • Finishing school – Richard Masson finds the perfect paint job

  • Call the coppers – Miles Kendall investigates copper epoxy antifoulings

  • Mandolin wind

    Paul France and family try out an Ionian flotilla holiday in the world of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

  • A-Z of secondhand boats

    James Jermain on ‘B’ for Ballerina, Baltic, Barbican and, of course, Bavaria

  • Destinations – Plouer-sur-Rance Upriver of St Malo and Dinan, Peter Cumberlidge discovers a pastoral, secluded cruising ground

  • The world’s biggest boat show – Düsseldorf 2001 17 halls and 1,600 exhibitors? ‘It makes Earls Court look like a village fete,’ says Peter Nielsen

  • 50°N 40°W

    Mike Pocock, Commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club, embarked on an Atlantic circuit to celebrate the new millennium? he reveals the secret of success for couples cruising

  • French connection – the Jeanneau Story Some 2,000 new boats leave Jeanneau’s factory each year. How do they do it? Peter Nielsen travelled to South Brittany to find out
  • Solo with Louie

    Charles Ford follows in the wake of Eric Hiscock on a singlehanded passage to Douarnenez

On Test

  • Maxi 1100

    James Jermain sails an elegant Swedish cruiser-racer that exudes power and grace
  • Second Look: Sigma 36

    Big sister of the popular Sigma 33. But how does she perform? Simon Jinks investigates
  • Buyers’ Guide

    Failing to read the small print in your insurance policy can land you in all sorts of trouble. James Jermain gives some tips on finding the right policy for your boat
  • Equipment review

    Peter Nielsen looks at the latest new gear from 4hp outboards to an insulated mug and an ingenious tiller lock
  • Gear test

    Simon Jinks evaluates the Raytheon ST40 electronic sailing instruments system


  • Editorial
  • On Watch – Ellen MacArthur special
  • Subscriptions/Next Month
  • Readers’ letters
  • YM books/Newsagent competition
  • Any questions? Which anchor?
  • Libby Purves
  • Blue water letter – Rod Heikell en route from Italy to Greece
  • Blue water postscript – Exotic Eastern cruising
  • Around the coast
  • Waterside property
  • The Confessional Sailing sins exposed…

Sailing Skills

  • Question of seamanship Anchoring arithmetic
  • The learning curve Castaway’s knockdown
  • Yachtmaster Class Checking GPS chart datum

  • Better boat handling Part 5: Parking procedures
  • Pilotage quiz Tom Cunliffe picks a winner
  • Des Sleightholme First passage in a new boat
  • Quick Tips Anchor snubbing line and stop the glare