This Australian design is a large-volume 25ft trailer sailer. A couple of hundred were built down under but only 50 or so here by Moore’s of Wroxham from 1980. Later a much-improved version was built by Brue Yachts and called the Brue Arrow. For trailing, the B-25 had a deep, fine keel with a lead bulb and hydraulic lifting, a narrow hull and buoyant stern sections. However, she was too big and unwieldy for regular trailing. The interior has five berths in an open-plan layout but the quateberth is for children only. The galley is effective but the chart table is rudimentar. She is easy to sail but she is not a heavy weather boat. Brue Arrows have a Collins Tandern keel and twin rudders which greatly improves performance in all conditions.

LOA 25ft 8in (7.82m), LWL 23ft (7.01m), beam 8ft 2in (2.49m), draught 10in/4ft 8in (0.25m/1.42m), displacement 2,570 lb (1,158kg). Price guard: £4,000 to £7,000. YM Test Report April 1980.