A tantalising archipelago of 48 islands just 30 odd miles from Penzance... but only six are inhabited.

  • Cruising Scilly

    A tantalising archipelago of 48 islands just 30 odd miles from Penzance… but only six are inhabited. Ken Endean sails with his family to the Isles of Scilly where he tries not to be overawed by navigational complexities.
  • Long-distance conversation

    For blue water sailors, long-distance radio can be a lifeline, as well as a sociable diversion to a solitary experience… Hugh Marriott tells you everything you wanted to know about SSB, Amateur or Ham Radio, including how to choose and install one.

  • Midnight raiders

    Cruising the Solomon islands in the Pacific in their 40ft sloop, Blue Searcher, Fred and Jacquie Lockey were asleep when they were boarded at night by four naked, machete-wielding natives. Their amazing story will have you on the edge of your seat.
  • Destinations – with free chart

    Peter Cumberlidge sails into the Rade de Brest and senses the ghosts of generations of seafarers. Within easy reach are some of the most picturesque, sheltered cruising grounds in France.
  • Grenadines charter

    Sarah Norbury packs her suntan and polaroids and heads off for the Caribbean to sail from St Vincent to the Grenadine gems of Bequia, Mustique and the Tobago Keys.
  • Bosun’s chairs on test

    The YM team go aloft to test an array of bosun’s chair and mast climbing devices.

  • Two boat tests

    Peter Nielsen sails the Bénéteau Océanis 331while James Jermain takes a second look at a classic blue water cruiser, the Rustler 36 (left).
  • Sinking feeling

    We all study the classic Yachtmaster emergencies of ‘man overboard’ and ‘fire down below’, but what about sinking? Tom Cunliffe’s Yachtmaster Class tackles the ultimate nightmare.