Plastic or classic?

  • Plastic or classic?
    ‘They don’t make ’em like they used to!’ YM puts three modern yachts up against three classics to see if the old adage holds water

  • Playing hooky
    In part two of anchoring techniques, Simon Jinks examines various influences on our choice of anchorage and the importance of having an escape plan

  • Rock hopping
    Ken Endean visits the Isles of Scilly, a tantalising archipelago of 48 sun-soaked islands

  • The Atlantic alone
    Paul Gelder and Miles Kendall meet the motley crews taking part in the 11th solo transatlantic race

  • Free chart
    Peter Cumberlidge explores the hidden anchorages in the Rade de Brest. Plus, free pull-out chart

  • It’s good to talk
    Shortwave radio reaches the parts others can’t… Hugh Marriott presents the first of a two-part special on long-distance communications for ocean voyagers

  • Glorious Grenadines
    Sarah Norbury goes chartering in the Caribbean and finds herself skippering a ‘honeymoon cruise’

  • Bénéteau beauty
    Peter Nielsen tests Bénéteau’s latest addition to the Oceanis range, the Groupe Finot designed Clipper 331

  • Second-hand focus
    James Jermain sails Kim Holman’s classic Rustler 36

  • Boat buyers’ guide
    Choosing a long-distance cruiser

  • The high life
    YM tests ten bosun’s chairs and picks the best buy for comfort, safety and price

  • New gear briefing
    Simon Jinks checks out the latest equipment from WhisperGen – a ‘silent’ generator to a battery monitoring kit
  • Sailing Skills
  • Question of seamanship – a troublesome tow
  • Learning Curve – Escape from a waterspout
  • Tom Cunliffe’s Yachtmaster Class
  • Quick Tips and Des Sleightholme’s Sea Sense
  • Pilotage quiz answer; quick tips


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  • On watch
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  • Blue water letter
    From Annie Hall
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    On boating neighbours from hell
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    Readers own up to their sailing sins