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April’s New Look YM On sale 18 March


The first of a superb new series. Brilliant splashproof harbour charts to pull out and keep!

Yachting Monthly Destinations will cover the most popular British and European harbours used by cruising yachtsmen

Perfect for use in the cockpit, Destinations are much more than ordinary charts. They feature waypoints, bearings and colour photos of what you will see as you come into harbour

All bearings checked in association with Raytheon, the world-leading marine electronics company. Fully authenticated pilotage data

Lymington and St Vaast in France are your first Destinations. On the back of each chart is a town plan to steer you to our recommended pubs and restaurants, plus marinas, chandlers, boatyards and other essential services

Destinations give you valuable local knowledge – where to go and what to do ashore


  • Buy a classic cruiser for under £20,000. The lovely Vertue is a proven oceangoing favourite

  • Dream home by the sea? Find the house you’ve always wanted with our new Property page

  • Want to go on a sailing holiday? Read YM for the latest charter news

  • Cross The Pond the easy way, as reader Emma McMurtry did, by joining a delivery crew. We tell you how

  • Over 2,000 boats for sale. Plus buying tips for popular second-hand yachts

  • Compass binoculars: which are best? Read the verdict of YM’s expert panel

  • Exciting new features, like Marina Spy. Our undercover crew sniff out the facts on some of Britain’s best-known marinas

  • The Eclipse Stakes August 11, 1999. Circle it in your diary. It could be one of the most amazing days of your life. For a few spellbinding moments, at around 1100, a total eclipse of the sun will plunge south-west England and much of the Channel into darkness. And we lucky boaties are better-placed than anyone to enjoy a grandstand view.

    If you don’t want to miss the Eclipse, don’t miss next month’s Yachting Monthly.

  • How will you spend E-Day? Will you join what’s sure to be a massive mid-Channel flotilla, fight for a space in crowded Cornwall or seek a quiet anchorage for peaceful contemplation? We’ll help you decide in our Total Eclipse Special. And our superb ‘Path of totality’ chart will give you the inside track on the most incredible celestial event you’ll ever see.

    We’ll also announce our great Eclipse Photo competition, inviting you to send in your Prints of Darkness!

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