Clean Sailors will also be working with sailmakers to learn more about the material used in sailmaking, to see if it could be used outside of the sailing industry. Credit: Paul Wyeth

97% of sails end up in landfill. Now a new sail recycling scheme has been launched to repurpose old sails, bags and sheets

Sailors should be aiming for zero emissions and zero waste, according to the RYA. Credit: Paul Wyeth

The RYA published its Carbon Pathway to Zero document in July 2021, outlining its vision for zero-carbon boating by 2050. How can we alleviate our own emissions and waste?

Nicholas and Catherine Hodgson have been collecting rubbish for the last five years, and find a SUP is the best way to transport trash to their boat. Credit: Nicholas Hodgson

Nicholas Hodgson shares how a personal crusade against litter resulted in ‘Trash Tuesdays’, an environmental initiative with ever-growing appeal. The article was runner-up in the 2021 Brian Black Memorial Award…