The benefits of the Moorings Ownership Programme are numerous, from cutting down the cost of ownership to delivering you a monthly can also eliminate all running costs too!


If somebody leaned across the yacht club bar and explained that they were getting paid to sail their boat for more than six weeks per year, you’d probably suspect a rum too many.

And yet a charter ownership programme from The Moorings boils down to just that. In point of fact, it pays you to sail any Moorings boat in any of our bases worldwide – from Tahiti or the Whitsundays to Croatia and the Caribbean.

“With more experience than any other charter outfit, The Moorings has had the time to hone its ownership programme to offer some of the most compelling packages available,” says Franck Bauguil VP Yacht Ownership & Product Development at The Moorings. “Our founders more or less launched the global charter industry, and today our team still understands exactly what makes sailors tick.”

Emerging from a tale of sailing passion and good old-fashioned hard work, The Moorings’ story goes back more than 50 years. Four friends who met afloat had the germ of an idea. They pooled their $120,000 savings and invested in six boats – 35-footers built by Pearson in the US.

The Moorings has an award-winning range of boats ranging from 42ft to 50ft

The Moorings has an award-winning range of boats ranging from 42ft to 50ft

With rumours that the British Virgin Islands was soon to get an international air service, the four partners set up shop in Tortola. That was in 1969. Two years later, and the business was already getting new yachts custom designed for charter. The Morgan Out Island 41 was the result, and The Moorings took the boat to the New York Boat Show, selling all 10 hulls to charter owners.

A further 20 boats followed soon afterwards, and the business was launched onto a trajectory of innovative design and solid growth which it still follows today. Of course, the programme now includes more than 850 boats, spread across 18 charter bases around the world.

“We really enable our owners to get the most from their sailing,” says Franck Bauguil. “Just imagine spending two or three weeks on your boat in the Caribbean, then booking a summer trip on a sister ship in the Whitsundays, and a cheeky autumn week in the Mediterranean. It’s so flexible.”

There are other clear benefits, too. An advantageous financing model brings down the cost of ownership, spreading it across several years or delivering a monthly income – as you choose. It also eliminates all running costs: berthing, maintenance and insurance are covered by The Moorings.

At the same time, you are entitled to up to 12 weeks of luxurious cruising per year. Every day you spend aboard costs one point in low season, or two points in high season. Half your 84 points can be used to reserve in advance, with the other half used on short notice.

Cabin of The Moorings boat which are available through the Moorings Ownership Programme

All of the cabins in The Moorings fleet are of the highest standard

The contract typically runs for five or six seasons, at which point you can choose your next step. Some owners like to trade in the boat for a new model and start the programme all over again. Others prefer to take full ownership themselves and set off cruising.

Our award-winning range runs from 42ft to 50ft – the sweet spot for charter and family holidays alike. Beneteau builds our monohulls, while the renowned South African outfit Robertson & Caine builds our catamarans.

“All are impressively specced and finished to a standard that puts us at the apex for mid-sized luxury cruisers,” says Franck Bauguil. “They are all safe, proven hulls that find the perfect balance between performance and comfort. And because they have been designed especially for charter, they are also robust and easy to maintain.”

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