dinghy design comp





1912 designs


What the judges want

Our hope is that designers can make use of modern materials
and demonstrate that they have not lost the eye for a pretty design or the
ability to innovate as our Victorian predecessors demonstrated. Above all the
judges will be looking for designs that not only meet the need of the brief
that the designer describes, but also provide a practical tender that will
appeal to a range of cruising yachtsmen, will be built (preferably in volume)
and will increase the enjoyment of exploring an anchorage and its surrounds.

The judges do not want to constrain interesting and novel
solutions by narrowing the criteria. Inflatables, solid, folding or collapsible
tenders that may be based on traditional stem dinghies, dories, pram dinghies,
canoes or punts and that may be propelled by oar, paddle, sail and outboard are
all options that might be submitted (as are novel proposals and combinations of
these approaches).