Navigational tips and beauty spots around the north-west coast of the Isle of Wight.

Hamstead Ledge

Photo: Peter Bruce

Newtown Creek is one of the Solent’s post popular anchorages and it’s been covered more than adequately elsewhere so we’ll press on. West of the entrance to Newtown creek is Hamstead Point. Just west of that there’s a concrete ledge that was used for tank landing practice during the war and launching a defensive boom between barriers at Hamstead and Durns Points.

Photo: Graham Snook

This ramp marks the point at which Hamstead Ledge, two prongs of Bembridge limestone resting on a clay cliff, extend out into the Solent around 210m (700ft) on a bearing of around 280M. At the base of the clay cliffs, around 10m (30ft) down, divers have found the petrified stumps of trees that marked the shore 8,500 years ago and recovered flint tools, indicating settlement.

Photo: Graham Snook

To clear Hamstead Ledge, use a transit of the left hand edge of Burnt Wood with the distant concrete tower at Nearfield, on a bearing of 080M, or keep the left hand edge of Burnt Wood at 080M or more.

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