Learn how to navigate the Isle of Wight with this online guide featuring photos and tips from every stage of Yachting Monthly's cruise round the island.

For most cruising sailors, going round the Isle of Wight is something you might do once a year, racing non-stop from Cowes to Cowes with 1,700 other yachts. Depending on conditions, it can be quite an exciting way to cover 60 miles and complete a circumnavigation.

This online guide will show you how to cruise round the Isle of Wight with the help of tips and photos from each part of the journey.

Click on each part of the map below to learn more about the pitfalls and history of each leg of the round the island trip:

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Leg one: Cowes to Alum Bay
Leg two: The Needles to St Catherine’s Point
Leg three: Puckaster Cove to Bembridge
Leg four: Bembridge Ledge to Cowes

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