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1912 designs


The judges

The judges for the competition will be:

Chris Beeson
Technical editor and chief boat tester for Yachting Monthly, skipper of the Crash Test Boat and author of the Handbook of Survival at Sea, Chris is familiar with a wide range of cruising boats.

Tom Cunliffe
A regular yachting monthly contributor, author and journalist, presenting a number of television programmes about boats and the sea has cruised widely and is a member of the Royal Cruising Club.

Stuart Ingram
A world-girdling member of the Royal Cruising Club who has made contributions to the RCC journal describing various legs of this and other voyages. He and his wife have more recently chosen to cruise the length of the river Thames in an inflatable canoe.

Nigel Irens
Designer of all types of vessel from high tech racing craft through to traditional craft – though often including modern technology to provide elegant and timeless classic looking vessels that perform well with modest running costs.

Iain Oughtred
Many of Iain’s designs for small craft have been built by both amateur and professional builders with his meticulous drawings illustrating how this is done. The designs also exploit modern techniques but resemble traditional Scandinavian and Scottish craft and are well known for their attractive shape and handling characteristics.

The decision of the judges will be final.