Over the next nine months we will be subjecting our Crash Test Boat to a punishing programme of destructive experiments.

Crash Test Boat



Crash Test Team

The Story


We’ll be capsizing the Crash Test Boat twice to see if the saloon, galley etc can be made safe or become a hell-hole in the unlikely event of a capsize or knockdown.


After breaking our mast under sail, we’ll test methods of getting rid of the broken spar before it threatens to puncture the hull, then make a jury rig with what’s left.

Holed below the waterline

There’s a thud and the boat groans before sailing on. Within moments the cabin sole is afloat and you’ve got a big problem. We’ll find out how long it takes to locate the hole and which emergency fixes work best.

Galley and engine fires

We’ll test a variety of measures aimed at making sure you can extinguish a fire before you have to abandon ship.

Steering failure

We’ll be looking at what happens when the steering cables of a wheel-steered boat snap or slip off the quadrant and exploring what you need to do.

Gas explosion

When did you last inspect your gas pipes and hoses? We’ll find out how much gas makes how big a bang and exactly what it can do to you and your boat.


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