With a tidal stream of 4 knots, would you set off on port or starboard tack from the Needles to Cherbourg? Credit: Graham Snook/Yachting Monthly

There is a strong tidal stream. Would you set off on a port or starboard tack? James Stevens answers your questions of seamanship

A blue ensign being worn by a yacht

Do you know the rules for wearing a blue ensign? Do you know who is entitled to wear a privileged ensign? What happens when a yacht with a privileged ensign…

Going aground, I suspect,is far more common than we think. It’s one of those things that falls into the category where the measure isn’t the cock-up itself but the number…

Dismasted offshore: Jock arriving home in Tighnabruaich after sailing 1,500 miles under jury rig

When Jock Hamilton’s 33ft Wauquiez Gladiateur dismasted offshore, 500 miles from land, he created a jury rig using a Laser dinghy mast, sails and oars, before sailing 1,500 miles home