Most people at the helm will bias the course so check the boat is sailing on the right heading. Credit: Bob Aylott

Like any activity sailing can be filled with new lingo, new ideas and new things to remember for the new sailor. There are many sailing courses out there to help…

Tony's homemade mast steps are still going strong after two circumnavigations of the world. Credit: Tony Curphey

Sails and rigging are the engine room of any sailing boat from small dinghies up to giant superyachts. No matter how big or how new your boat, the sails and…

A boating emergency is the sort of thing that everyone taking to the water should be prepared for even if, in preparing, we hope we are never in a position…

Sea Sailing: Good seamanship starts with a boat that is properly secured for sea, so you can focus on the sailing. Credit: Theo Stocker

Loose objects can endanger both crew and yacht in rough weather. Checking your boat is secure before sea sailing should be a regular habit, says Andy du Port

Pete advises 'Always carry an expert helm' like his friend Mike (pictured) with Cambeltown Lifeboat. Credit: Pete John

Pete John recalls bringing his Nicholson 35 from Hamble to Argyll, with strong winds, a rope around the prop, genoa furling line failure and an escort by the Campbeltown lifeboat

Busting the hull speed myth Modern hull forms, like this Jeanneau SO440, use chines to create volume forward while keeping a narrow entrance at the waterline

Waterline length is not the defining factor in maximum boat speed that we all think it is. Julian Wolfram busts the hull speed myth