She looks traditional but down below the Estero hides some radical interiors layout ideas.

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Island Packet Estero


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The Estero, like all Island Packets, is an ocean passage-making yacht, but how much fun is making long passages to windward at 4 knots with 15 knots across the deck? A 36ft yacht should be capable of more than that. If this doesn’t bother you, the Estero is a rock-solid, highly specified, impeccably finished round-theworld cruiser, perfect for a couple. Her interior is unusual but, with a couple of caveats, I can see it working very well. And the best news? She’s available in colours other than beige, or Caribbean Ivory to give it the brochure name.

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LWL:9.6m (31ft 5in)
Beam:3.8m (12ft 4in)
Price Guide:£288,000
LOA:11.7m (38ft 5in)
Draught:1.2m (4ft)
Displacement:8,074kg (17,800 lb)