The last of the Achilles range

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Achilles 840


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The last of the Achilles range, launched in 1979, the 840 was also a reasonably successful distance competitor in events such as AZAB, the Fastnet and OSTAR. But she found it hard to compete with more forwardlooking designs that had better accommodation and sharper handling.

Compared to other Achilles, she was beamier and had more headroom, with a better galley and a generous chart table, but the overall result was disappointing. She had five berths and a separate heads compartment amidships. She was, however, fitted out as standard for serious offshore sailing with a long inventory and good quality equipment.

As part of the scheme to make her easy to sail singlehanded, genoa sheets were brought back to a single, centrally-mounted winch. While this did not make for fast tacks it did make it easier for a solo sailor.


LOA:27ft 9in (8.45m)
Draught:5ft (1.52m)
Displacement:5,600 lb (2,545kg)
Beam:9ft (2.24m)
Price Guide:£10,000 to £15,000
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