the Plastimo SL 180 is designed in conjunction with French offshore racing sailors, Plastimo has taken a different approach with this lifejacket.

Product Overview


  • adjustable back, good maneuverability in the water, storage for MOB built in


  • slightly disconcerting soft feel when inflated compared to other conventionally constructed lifejackets


Plastimo SL 180 lifejacket – reviewed

Plastimo SL 180 lifejacket

PLastimo SL 180 best lifejackets

The back length is adjustable, one of only two lifejackets to offer this

What marks the Plastimo SL 180 as a bit different? The major difference is its construction. While all the other lifejackets have an outer casing and a separate internal bladder of welded construction, the Plastimo SL 180 is constructed with a sewn bladder and an airtight liner.

In use

While it’s quite large, the Plastimo SL 180 is extremely soft and flexible, making it comfy to wear. Closure is with a zip at the front rather than a buckle.

Loops either side of the zip give secure tether attachment, meaning their is no awkward buckle.

Lifejacket test_Plastimo SL 180

This was the only lifejacket on test to have zip closure and double tether attachment

The length of the back is also adjustable, one of only a couple of lifejackets to offer this.

An inspection window lets you check the firing mechanism.

A short zip gives dedicated access to the canister without unpacking the whole jacket.

On the other side, another zip gives access to a small pocket for a strobe light or MOB beacon.

In the water

This jacket is designed to remain soft and flexible once inflated.

We found this disconcerting initially as it felt like it had not fully inflated.

While initial inflation time was slow because of this, it performed well in the rotation test.

Plastimo SL 180

The hood’s unique shape helps prevent waves funnelling between the bladders

It provided one of the lower freeboard heights but did allow very good maneuverability.

There was some impact on hearing and situational awareness as the bladder was quite large around the head, though for life preservation this is no bad thing.

The sewn-in sprayhood was easy to find with a string to pull forwards.

The oral inflation tube was less simple to use.

Plastimo SL 180 lifejacket


RRP: £129
Firing mechanism:
UML Pro (Hammar available)
Gas canister:
Zip + double loop
Harness release?

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