The Musto Ocean Racer Sailing Boots are at the top end of the boot offering from Musto, but what price for foot comfort in a hostile environment out at sea? On test for two years, Fox Forgan gives the lowdown on these premium boots.

Product Overview

Overall rating:



  • • warm inner boot
  • • Super grippy
  • • drawstring gator to stop your pants getting snagged or back wash


  • • top end of the price scale for boots
  • • May be a little too bulky for everyday casual use


Musto Ocean Racer Sailing Boots reviewed

Musto Ocean Racer Sailing Boots tested and reviewed by Fox Morgan


Ok, the thing is, I’m not going to waste any time saying this, but I absolutely love these Musto Ocean Racer Sailing Boots. I bought my own pair of these a couple years ago and they have been pretty much the best thing to put on my leg ends through summer and winter. Full disclaimer though, they aren’t totally without mild cursing when I’m trussed up like a thanksgiving turkey and trying to get my salopette pant leg tucked into these gators. They’ve  had me swearing and sweating a bit during summer months when the weather is foul but the temperature not too cold.
The soles are grippy as heck, I feel absolute confidence in these as I’ve run about up on the foredeck, case in point when I was trying to sort out a jammed third reef in some particularly sporty conditions coming back across the English channel this past summer. The ankle support is good but allows good articulation without chafe. The highly adjustable inner boot means even my skinny chicken legs can get a snug fit and for those with more ample calves, you’ll get a good fit too. Beware though, that the outer gator doesn’t have quite so much luxury of adjustability. So if you do have totally hench calf muscles, you might swear more than me pulling those gators back up.
With the minor quibbles aside, these have got to be the most comfortable sailing boots I’ve had in many a year. I like the little touches too to make them more useable, which includes the small rubber heal spur to allow one foot to grip the other when pulling these boots off.

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The lace up inner boot gives quick and easy access to pull them on and adjust them for a cosy fit.

I get particularly excited when a manufacturer produces a decent spec boot available in sizes that fit us folks with little (or littleish) feet. So many times I’ve looked longingly at a decent pair of deck trainers or other manufacturers boots only to find that they start at a size bigger than fits me. These go as small as a UK 4 or US 4.5 which is not too bad. They go up to a size 10.5 US size too. I think that’s a decent range of sizes to cover the majority of people.
I have a fairly strict rule that my sailing boots aren’t worn anywhere but on deck or by the chart table so I have managed to avoid going for any long walks in them. That’s not what these are designed for. They’re designed for gripping a wet deck at a silly angle and they do this really very well whilst still giving the support for my foot that I need when standing on helm for a long stint beating to windward.

Yes, they’re pricey. and yes they’re technical, but they are also excellent. Thankyou Musto for making a proper gnarly sailing boot that women can wear as well as men.

big thumbs up from me for these.

Specifications: Shell Fabric: Mesh, Rubber, Non-Woven;Lining: GORE-TEX®, sizes UK 4 to 10, USA 4.5 – 10.5

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