This sturdy little Dimplex Ceramic Heater has been on test in my boat for the past year and so far I'm loving it!

Product Overview


  • Powerful heating from a small unit, fills a cabin with heat very quickly, good thermostat settings


  • Not everyone likes the sound of a fan running despite this being one of the quietest available


Dimplex 2kW Oscillating Ceramic Heater – reviewed

best portable boat heaters dimplex ceramic 2kw fan heater with oscillating function

Dimplex M2GTS 2kW Oscillating Ceramic Heater

Best portable boat heater for instant portable heat

This is a cracking little heater that has the option to oscillate to move the heat around your cabin. The digital readout allows you to fairly accurately set your thermostat for desired room temperature and then you can set it running. It is relatively quiet as fan heaters go and I have this one running in all sorts of cold places I want to heat up quickly.

best portable boat heaters dimnplex 2kw ceramic heater with oscillating function, temperature control screen with buttons

I find myself standing in front of it warming my hands and find it convenient to move it from desk top to floor and back to table top. The readout is easy to see in the dark and the auto power adjust is handy for being a little bit more economical with the electricity it requires. With the auto cut off if it falls over you can sleep soundly at night leaving this on.

I like the colour screen that turns green when in o0ptimal heat setting and lower power. If you reduce the heat al the way down, the screen goes blue and shows a little frost symbol so that it keeps your place from freezing.

dimplex fan heater moulded in handle

the top has a moulded handle built in

The heater cuts out automatically if the heater is knocked or if it is toppled over. It’s actually very stable given the shape of it and I’ve found it hard to knock over, but I have triggered the cut out when I’ve accidentally kicked the heater trying to get past it in a tight space. It goes  into standby mode and will only come back on if manually activated.

Dimplex fan heater

the air filter is useful to avoid dust particles going into the fan element

The fan part is one of the quietest fan heaters I’ve used but it isn’t silent so some people might find it annoying. I love this little heater for the combined portability and the amount of heat it kicks out. Combine this with a larger oil filled radiator and this is my current set up for a cosy winter cabin.

I also like the oscillating function as I can put this on a bench seat without the cushion and it blows warm air inro the forward cabin area as well as the saloon area keeping the air moving and mildew at bay.

It would appear that Dimplex have stopped making this heater but it is still available from some retailers. It’s not the cheapest but it is by far the best fan heater I’ve used in terms of versatility and temperature control.

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