This lifejacket was the most innovative in terms of bladder design and in-water function.

Product Overview


  • Impressive buoyancy, excellent sprayhood


  • a little rigid and bulky


Crewsaver Ergofit+ 190N lifejacket – reviewed

Crewsaver Ergofit +190N lifejacket

Crewsaver Egofit+ 190N best lifejackets

The padded and contoured collar included a pocket for an Exposure OLAS man overboard tag

The Crewsaver Ergofit 190 has impressive turning/rollover speed. It focusses on spinning a casualty over as quickly as possible, supporting their head and airway, with as much freeboard as possible, while holding the body horizontal to avoid plunging in the waves.

In use

The outer casing is contoured to make this jacket fit very well over the shoulders and neck.

It is one of the more rigid and bulky jackets.

Crewsaver Ergofit + 190N

The bladder’s advance shape makes a big difference to performance in the water

In common with the Crewfit, it had forward pull adjustment buckles at the back.

It had a double crotch strap and a unique seatbelt-style click-lock buckle. This made it easy to click shut.

Out sailing, we didn’t find it cumbersome.

In the water

If performance in the water is the most important aspect of a lifejacket, the Ergofit+ 190N was streets ahead of the other lifejackets tested.

It was one of the fastest to inflate, but more importantly it was a good second or two ahead on the rotation test.

It was very difficult for the tester to get onto their front to begin the test at all, and they spun over in close to one second.

testing the hood of the Crewsaver Ergofit + 190

The halo hood includes a double arch support and a baffle to protect your night vision

The Crewsaver Ergofit+ 190N also produced the best freeboard figures with up to 4cm more than some of the other lifejackets.

It also positively supported the chin and airway.

Fabric baffles prevented wave-funnelling.

Despite this impressive buoyancy, the narrow shoulder sections offered great mobility.

The sprayhood has also been redesigned.

It needed a tug to deploy but felt like an aircraft cockpit with its double arch keeping the visor well clear of the face.

It gave good visibility and hearing, with a removable screen to shade the bright light.

Crewsaver Ergofit +190N lifejacket


RRP: £220
Firing mechanism:
UML Pro (Hammar available)
Gas canister:
Harness release?

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