The Baltic Race SL lifejacket was the smallest lifejacket we tested that met our criteria.

Similar in design to the larger Legend lifejacket, it has a fairly long body, with a well-padded casing and anti-tangle back panel.

Product Overview

Overall rating:



  • Good padding, metal harness tether


  • less buoyancy meant a slower roll over time


Baltic Race SL lifejacket – reviewed

Baltic 150 Race SL lifejacket

Baltic Race 150 best lifejackets

The back panel is wide and padded which helped prevented twister straps

In use

The Baltic Race SL lifejacket has chest strap adjustment buckles on both sides which pull to the rear and release forwards.

A small inspection window is well labelled for checking the firing mechanism.

Lifejacket test_Baltic Race 150

This is one of the few to have a metal tether loop

There is a pull toggle for manual inflation as well as automatic firing.

The padding was comfortable, although the inflation tube and light assembly inside the lifejacket sat over the collar bone, which could create a pressure point over time.

In the water

Unsurprisingly, given the smaller 150N buoyancy, the Race came bottom in the field in the rotation test for both Ali and Theo as it creates less force to turn a body over.

While on their front for this test, Ali and Theo also found that their faces were either in or very close to the water, highlighting the extra buoyancy generated by larger lifejackets.

It performed better in the freeboard test, coming in the middle of the pack.

Baltic 150 Race SL inflated

The Race has a more rounded bladder, making it harder to hook the hood over

However, getting the straps good and tight beforehand were important for this.

Ali found the lifejacket tended to ride up and she felt much less secure in it.

Unlike the longer bladder of the other Baltic lifejackets, this had a shorter, higher bladder with more rounded lobes.

The standard Baltic hood had a good support arch, but the elastic straps tended to slip off the bladder. It also let spray in.

Baltic 150 Race SL lifejacket


RRP: £178.34
Buoyancy: 150N
Firing mechanism:
Gas canister:
Metal frame
Harness release?

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