Mad or bad? Rogue freighters

A report, posted on 13 July on the US Sailing Source forum, relates a recent bizarre experience off Mexico’s west coast

The publication of Ellen MacArthur’s book ‘Taking on the world’, about her experiences in the Vendée Globe, has been put back into 2002

Bombe Surprise

Coastguard stands by as waterbourne ice cream van scoops WWII mine

New books and charts service

ybw has teamed up with marine publishers Kevin Hughes to add books and charts to the services already available online at Europe’s No.1 marine portal

Honda Cowes Classic: carnage averted

Contrary to popular rumour (but in line with the most basic logic) the Honda Cowes Classic will not – repeat not – interfere with the racing at Torbay Week

Preview: September 2001

Boom time! In-boom reefing is making a comeback after many years in the shadow of in-mast reefing...