Watch as YM puts 15 props through their paces

In the May edition ofYachting Monthly, on the news-stand right now, is our Ultimate Propeller Test. We asked: ‘What is the best prop for your boat?’ And in the most comprehensive test ever published Emhrys Barrel, a former editor ofMotor Boat and Yachtingmagazine and founder ofMotor Boat Monthlyteamed up with YM to compare 15 propellers for speed, thrust, drag, stopping distance, prop walk and price.

The article went down a storm with some of the manufacturers of the props tested. Jack Skrydstrup, of Flex-o-Fold, wrote in to say: ‘We have now received and read your article. It looks great and you have made a lot of people more knowledgeable.’ Julie Hale, from Steel Developments, said: ‘I have read the article about the folding and feathering props, very interesting and I am sure many people will like it too.’

A picture gallery of the props tested is up on our website, as is video showing the movements of the mounted propellers – from simple fixed props, to a more complicated Australian feathering design, to the sculptural, dare we say coffee-table art piece, that is the Gori folding three-blade prop.

There is also footage of the test themselves. One test did not go entirely to plan. At the end of our film is footage of a crash stop at six knots that furrowed one or two brows. Enjoy.