Shetland resident in civil law dispute

A sailor who settled in Shetland after his boat capsized during a round-Britain attempt is trying to convince a court that the Shetland islands are legally not part of Scotland.

Stuart Hill, 65, is the defender in a civil action brought by a local accountancy firm, but will argue that Scots law has no jurisdiction over him.

Scotland’s claim to Shetland dates back to 1469 when King Christian of Denmark pawned the islands to the Scots crown – but Mr Hill will say it was only meant to be a long-term loan until the debt could be redeemed.

Originally from Essex, Mr Hill has lived in Shetland since his boat capsized while he was trying to circumnavigate the British Isles, earning him the nickname Captain Calamity.

He said his research had led him to the conclusion that at no point in Shetland’s history did the Crown acquire ownership of the islands.

Historians have traditionally accepted that Scotland did legally annex the islands, along with Orkney.

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