YM’s one-day Blue Water Boat Show Seminar

Yachting Monthly has encouraged hundreds of people to cast off and go long-distance cruising through our popular Long Term Cruising Symposiums held in association with the Ocean Cruising Club. During Southampton Boat Show in September, in partnership with Blue Water Rallies, we are offering readers a one-day seminar.

Blue Water Rallies Ltd, organisers of the Blue Water Round the World Cruising Rally, co-host the event with Yachting Monthly. The seminar takes place on Saturday, September 15.

The day’s program is aimed at those planning a long-term cruise or circumnavigation. It will include in-depth discussions with a panel of experts, including Nigel Calder, who is widely acknowledged as the world’s foremost writer on boat systems and maintenance.

Subjects will include:

  • Preparation for blue water cruising: (choosing the yacht; equipment; safety considerations)
  • Route planning
  • The human factors (severing the home ties; choosing crew; staying in touch with home)
  • Budgeting, health care and bureaucracy.
  • Dick Allan who sailed round the world in a 33ft yacht will give an illustrated talk on ‘Sailing My Dream’.

The entry fee for the all-day seminar is ’70 (‘120 for a couple). It includes complimentary tickets to Southampton Boat Show, plus coffee/tea and biscuits in the morning and afternoon and an information pack.

Application forms can be obtained by sending a stamped and addressed envelope to Blue Water Seminar, Windsor Cottage, Chedworth, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 4AA (Tel/fax: 01285 720904) e-mail: pandarally@aol.com

or visit the website www.yachtrallies.co.uk