New Zealander Chris Bouzaid sandwiched between dinghy and rocks

A New Zealand yachting legend is recovering after being crushed by his own boat. Chris Bouzaid,64, was sailing off the coast of Maine last Friday 6 July, when he became trapped between his tender and a group of rocks, breaking several ribs. Bouzaid was in the dinghy trying to set the anchor for his his 18m (60ft)sloop,Waianiwa IIIto keep it from drifting into the nearby rocks when the accident happened. The US Coastguard rescued Bouzaid and his companion, Lydia Langston. Bouzaid was taken to hospital but has since been discharged.

Bouzaid is famous for winning the One Ton Cup in 1969, a victory which put New Zealand on the international yachting map. Bouzaid won it again in 1972 and finished second twice. He also captained the New Zealand Admirals Cup challenge in 1975.

A Coastguard spokeswoman said thatWaianiwa IIIsustained significant damage in the incident, including holes in the hull. Attempts are still being made to salvage the sloop.

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