Four crew rescued after engine failed in 40kt winds

Four people had to be rescued by coastguards after their yacht ran aground on Weymouth beach early today.

Steady Barker, a Bavaria Match 38, suffered engine failure in 40-knot winds near the town’s harbour. The MCA said the crew fired distress flares as the yacht beached after its sails tore and its engine failed.

The skipper called Portland Coastguard to report the engine failure shortly after midnight.

The MCA said two of the vessel’s four-strong crew were suffering from seasickness in the rough conditions. Within minutes the yacht’s predicament worsened as its sails tore and its steering failed.

Portland Coastguard had alerted Weymouth RNLI lifeboats but they were unable to help because the vessel had entered shallow water off the beach. As the yacht ran aground and the distress flares were fired the incident was reported on 999 calls across Weymouth.

Wyke Regis coastguards helped the crew wade ashore as the vessel was driven up the beach. The four were uninjured and they were found overnight accommodation by their rescuers.

The MCA said the yacht was still on the beach early today, having been secured by coastguards. It is not yet known how badly it was damaged or whether it can be refloated.

Pic: Dorset Echo.