French skipper's yacht damaged in collission

Vendee Globe skipper Roland Jourdain has hit a sea mammal while racing some 800 miles off the Argentine coast. The collision led to several cracks around the keel box which forced Jourdain to continue under reduced sail to make repairs at sea.

While he was sleeping in his bunk Jourdain was woken up by a violent shock. After leaping outside to ease off the sails and get Veolia Environnement back on course, he noticed a patch of red around his boat and saw the creature swim away.

After inspecting his boat, the keel and bulb do not seem to have been affected, but he found several cracks around the keel box and in the compartment at the foot of the mast bulkhead. Jourdain informed his shore team.

After talks with the yacht’s designers and builders team he set about making repairs, which he is currently setting up with the materials he has on board under reduced sail. The smooth sea and the light winds in the high are offering favourable conditions.

Two months after setting sail from Les Sables d’Olonne, Jourdain is in second place and was 178 miles from Michel Desjoyeaux when the incident was reported.