Royal Victoria Yacht Club trawl the archives

As the 2012 Olympics loom closer, the Isle of Wight’s Royal Victoria Yacht Club has released a limited-edition book to commemorate the last time the games were held on these shores.

Henrietta Smyth has compiled the coffee table book, which features pictures from the 1908 Olympics, when the sailing events were held off the club’s then-premises in Ryde.

Now based in Fishbourne, the club held a centenary re-enactment regatta in 2008 and pictures from this event are also in the book, which is entitled 1908 Olympic Yacht Races.

In her introduction Ms Smyth says: ‘It has been a fascinating experience for me to learn about this important episode of our Olympic sailing history and to record the centenary celebrations of summer 2008, which brought me into contact with so many interesting people.

‘I hope that others will share my enthusiasm and continue to make the most of our wonderful maritime heritage and eternal relationship with the sea.’

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