Superyacht Maximus officially enters the record books.

The World Speed Sailing Record (WSSR) Council have ratified a new world record: 98ft Australian supermaxiMaximusnow officially holds the record for fastest time around the Isle of Wight.

The Charles St Clair Brown-owned yacht circumnavigated the island on the third of August, during Cowes Week. Making just three tacks, the yacht and its 26-strong crew crossed the finish line after just 3hours, 20minutes and 9seconds with an average speed of over 15kts, slashing previous record holder Mike Slade’sLeopard of London’s 2001 time of 4hours, 8minutes and 55seconds.

Interestingly,Maximustactician Harold Cudmore had broken the Round the Island record 10 years to the day before, recording a time of 6 hours aboardMistress Quickly.