Tacktick have launched their new wireless marine electronics…

It’s been a long time in the coming, but Tacktick have finally unveiled their new wireless marine electronics called Micronet. Instruments displaying speed, depth, compass heading and wind speed and direction network with fitted transducers, the wind transmitter and GPS using radio waves. The waterproof sealed display units are portable but can also fitted using temporary or permanent fixings.

Powered and charged by solar energy, the units can run for up to 200 hours, even when backlit. They can equally be connected to a power source if fitted below decks.

Benefits include weight-saving as no wires are needed, which is particularly crucial for stability in terms of running wires up the mast. The wind transmitter at the masthead requires no wiring or external power source, which means for the first time wooden-masted vessels can accurately measure wind speed and direction. Another important benefit is installation, or lack of it. No holes need to be drilled through bulkheads, and when you change boats, you can take your instruments with you.

Holt is the appointed UK distributor. Visit www.holtallen.com or email sales@holtallen.com