Sam finds holiday heaven and grows bean shoots for vitamins

Sam Davies reports running into a windless zone on Roxy in the Vendee Globe. On the plus side, these last days have given her time to check the gear and sails.

‘As far as I can see, everything is in great shape, so I can put my pedal to the metal as soon as conditions permit!!

Today has just been ideal cruising holiday conditions – blue sky, sunshine, turquoise sea, calm, 8 knots of wind, 28 degree air and water temp…. just holiday heaven. I wish I could put these conditions into a box and save them for when I’m on holiday!

As the sun set, the wind dropped and I changed from gennaker to Code O. Genevieve (my gennaker) is now resting on deck, loosely rolled for once, so she was very obedient as I flaked her into her sail ties! The sun set was majestic, over an oily sea, and immediately Venus appeared in the west, shining brightly over Roxy as she has done every evening. As I write, Roxy is gliding along under a starry sky with the code 0 doing 5 knots in 4 knots of wind- not bad!

I have been growing little bean shoots to have some vitamins and minerals from fresh food, and tonight was the first harvest! I had salad with my dinner; just delicious. Although I have been taking so much care of my little seeds for the last few days that they have almost become my friends as I nurtured them and watched them grow, so I felt slightly guilty when I ate them this evening!

At 1100 UK time, Sam Davies, in 5th position, was 1,928 miles from race leader Michel Desjoyeaux aboard Foncia

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